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Volkswagen Gaz M-20 Pobeda Gasser

Finally a Russian built Volkswagen for camping and going to the tip.gaz_m-20_pobeda_beetle


TIP 1: Weld two 9 inch diffs together to form an 18 inch diff!

<p> TIP 2: Firstly, always delete HTML Tags! Ha! ATTENTION CAR OWNERS! When converting from left hand drive to right hand drive, don’t forget to swap over the brake and clutch pedals. The accelerator pedal can remain where it is but must be operated by the passenger. To maintain correct left hand drive gear ratios, the gearbox must be installed around the other way. TIP 3: Remove all your standard wheels and tyres and replace them with four space saver spare tyres and wheels. That way, if you get a flat tyre, you will have enough spares to get you home or to work, or wherever it was that you were going. Plus, you will have the added space of the area where the spare tyre should have been. TIP 4: Toyota Prius drivers: Are you annoyed that your car is only half electric? Annoyed that people can see your earth destroying exhaust pipe? Why not run the exhaust pipe inside the car, thus eliminating all noise coming from your supposed electric car. TIP 5: Ford Falcon owners: Start buying spare parts now for any Falcons built after 2010. As this will be the last Australian designed Falcon, please start purchasing parts you may need in the future. For example, if you think that in a few years, your gearbox or differential may malfunction, we recommend that a few replacement ones be purchased now, as in the future it will probably have to be imported or handmade. All future Falcons will be made from old European cut and shut Ford Mondeos and Fiestas. TIP 6: If you own a top-heavy 4 wheel drive car, install a Ford Pinto Fuel tank along with some 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Rear Suspension and let the good times roll!</p>

The Dim Sim Formula 1 Dual-purpose Le Mans Super Sportsman Vehicle

<p> This car was designed to compete in both the 1987 Melbourne Grand Prix, the 1988 Indy 500 in Queensland and the famous 1989 Le Mans 24 Hour Race which had been relocated to Adelaide due to Le Mans being closed for repairs to the toilets. This meant that all F1 teams needed to spend at least three years in Australia so many teams based themselves here. In those days there weren’t as many annoying safety rules in motor racing as there are these days and you could pretty much race your car anywhere you liked. And this is exactly what happened. Most F1 teams decided to get the most out of their visit to Australia and compete in as many events as possible. The Sauber team entered the Bathurst 1000 and finished fourth. BMW-Mercedes tried their luck at hill climbing and stock car racing but didn’t fare too well as they didn’t have enough grip with their slick tyres and low ground clearance. The Le Adelaide (as it was called then) 24 Hour Race had many F1 competitors. The Formula 1 Dual-purpose Le Mans Super Sportsman Vehicle was superb as it allowed one driver to sleep while the other raced up throughout the field. The caravan had an on-board toilet and a two berth men’s urinal, a card table, a microwave, two can openers and some car spare parts such as fan belts, door handles and so forth. Many teams camped out while travelling around Australia and to save money, the F1 car was often used to tow around all the gear and crew for the race.</p>

The 1934 Eldorado 39-Bel Air Sloper with Ford Pinto Fuel tank!

Gemini Coupe Isuzu Idiot GTS

The VL Belmont Eldorado with no synchromesh, flappy paddle gearbox!

1928 Interstate Dim Sim Transport Vehicle