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Phase 5 HO XA Studebaker Fark Coupette

XA Studebaker Falcon Coupe 2013 913px


1962 EK Mustang Special GT

Hydramatic suspension with pushrod understeer. Twin Bendix Stromberg gloveboxes!

Model A Mustang Convertible Boss 351 RPO-83 Mach 9

356 Mustang Speedster

When you check out some of the great features that Mongrel Mobiles Cars have, you’ll wish you had them on your car:

Leaf springs all around, for a great smooth ride. No need for a spare tyre as there is not enough room! Optional Tri-matic Tiptronic Powerglide. Chevrolet Corvair rear suspension and handling! Due to manufacturing cost restraints, all cars come with a non-colour coded roof. The roof itself is not included.

Two fixed axles with two unlimited slip diffs and one really unlimited slip diff for great handling in the wet. WARNING: Piston firing order may randomly vary a bit. No synchro three speed tiptronic column shift. One tonne grocery carrying capacity! Non-independant suspension and glovebox. NOTE: passenger may be required to operate flammable secondary gearbox.

Available in left hand or right hand drive – or both! Two Ford nine inch diffs welded together to make an 18 inch diff! Options available include windows and front brakes. Some parts may not be authentic and may or may not be made of fibreglass. Avoid driving in the rain or bright sunshine or cloudy conditions. Smaller engine available if forward vision is required. Doors are welded shut for easy access.

Options shown here not included in base price: brake pads (please check before driving) heater, door skins, steering arms, headlight bulbs and crankshaft. Designed for going to the tip or the theatre. Radio tuned suspension. Ford Pinto fuel tank. Randomly collapsing steering column. Converted from 12 volt to 6 volt to save weight! Air bags may or may not be operational (or fitted). Please check during accident.