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1939 HK Ssanyong Willys Wagonette

1939 HK Ssanyong Willys 913px


From the archives… shizër!

FB El Camira Side Stepper.

No Synchromesh! Two Speed Tri-matic Powerglide! A Top Secret prototype built in partnership with Chevrolet and Holden – built on a Camira chassis!

The US had been building larger versions of Australian designed cars for many years. For example the 1957 Chevrolet Belair was almost an exact copy of the 1962 FB Holden Special.It is not well known that the V8 engined Belair had only six working pistons, the remaining two pistons could not be produced within the allocated budget. Chevrolet had already produced their new 3D chrome V8 badge and were too embarrassed to change it after they realised that the cost of producing an actual V8 with 8 operational cylinders was going to be far too expensive. It was decided that six cylinders would be enough and hardly any one would notice. Some rattling noises could be heard from two conrods slapping around inside the engine block.